About Us
Webuydvds.co.uk is dedicated to helping you get rid of DVDs, CDs and games that you no longer want or need. By doing this you’re not only helping the environment, but you’re helping our company stay green. Here at webuydvds.co.uk we strive to help the environment. That’s why 70 per cent of the materials we use in the day to day running of our business are Recycled and 60 per cent of our rubbish is also recycled as well.

Helping the environment could not be easier than using Webuydvds.co.uk because it’s so simple and also you get rewarded for it, by getting cash for your unwanted DVDs, CDs and games.

Our Vision...

The digital world is constantly changing and improving. As people move towards digital solutions for entertainment, DVDs, CDs and game discs are become less necessary.

Thousands of tonnes of Discs are being thrown away needlessly and we have created a goal to help people by give them a simple and fun way to help the environment and also give them cash for their unwanted DVDs, CDs and games, not to mention you get to de-clutter your homes.

“Our Vision is to provide the whole of the UK with a fast and eco-friendly service dedicated to providing users with the opportunity to help the environment by recycling there unwanted DVDs, CDs, games and get rewarded for doing it”

Making money, by helping the environment...

We started our business just buying DVDs and retailing them, and have since expanded into games and music CDs. Over the past year we have become an eco-friendly company. We are proud to be able to be in a position where we can use 70 per cent recycled materials in our day to day running of our business and also recycle 60 per cent of our rubbish.

The response has been overwhelming. People were interested in selling DVDs that they had watched once and did not want any longer, or those they had seen many times and had no use for.

We came up with a way that we could buy these unwanted DVDs and help the environment by reusing and recycling. After receiving a positive response to our DVD buying service, we decided to buy games and music CDs as well.

Getting Started is easy...

Setting up an account with us is FREE.
Your money can then be paid directly to you and you can turn your DVDs, CDs and games into cash online – simply and safely and knowing you are doing your bit to help the environment.

On the Horizon...

We hope to continue to provide you with the service that you love. Helping our business grow and find new and exciting ways to turn unwanted goods into cash and helping the environment are important goals in our future direction. We are committed to fostering eco-friendly, green and ethical ways of living. We hope that you will continue to take this journey with us!

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