How to recycle your DVDs, CDs and Games with us

We’ve designed our website to be one of the easiest to use in the industry. Simply follow the instructions below to find out how to use our website.

Enter the original barcode from the back of a DVD, CD or game into the barcode field at the top of the page and hit the get value button or the return key on your keyboard. Please note that some DVDs, CDs or Games when originally purchased may have stickers over the original barcode, you’ll need to remove this sticker and enter the barcode from the product and not the sticker.
Instantly our website will display the details for that product and also the price we’ll pay you for it.
If you’re happy with the price and want to go ahead and recycle your items with us then simple register for an account by clicking here. Please remember to use our website there is a minimum requirement of 10 items in one parcel.
Once you’ve opened an account simple go back to the start here page scroll to the bottom of the page and click on complete recycle. Please remember to read the terms and conditions before clicking to agree to recycle your stuff with us.
Now click complete recycle and follow the on screen instructions.

Please note to send us your DVDS, CDs or Games there is a minimum of 10 items to be send within one parcel. For more details on how to send your recycle please see below.

Sending your items to us

There are two ways in which you can send your items to us and which way you have qualified for depend on how many items you’re sending. If you’re sending 50 items or more in one recycle then you quality for our FREE courier service, if it’s less than 50 items then you get our SEND FREE service. Details of both services are below.

SEND FREE service (10-49 items)

Once you’ve finished adding products to your recycle just click on the complete recycle on the bottom of the start here page.
Now that you’ve done that just simply follow the on screen instructions and your welcome pack will be emailed to you or posted out, depending on what you have opted for.
When you get your welcome pack you’ll find that there is a letter explain what to do next, a personalized packing guide, a list of all the DVDs, CDs and Games you want to recycle, a SEND FREE label and details of your nearest SEND FREE shop.
Follow the instructions on your personalized packing guide within your welcome pack. By following the personalized packing guide you will keep within the 10KG maximum limit per box without having to weigh the items, this will make sure that your box(es) will be accept at the SEND FREE shops. If you require another label you’ll need to print one from within your account. Please note each label carries a unique barcode and can only be used once so if you use more than one box to post your recycle to us then you must print another label.
Once your items are all securely sealed in the box and the label is placed on it, you’re now ready to drop it off at one of our SEND FREE shops and with over 5000 to choice from you’re spoiled for choice. Within your welcome pack you’ll find four SEND FREE shops nearest to you, normally within 1 mile from your postcode. If you want to send it from a different location that’s fine, you have over 5000 to choice from and to find another simply use our SEND FREE shop finder . Once you have decided which one you want to go to then pop along and tell them you would like to send your parcel.
When you hand your parcel over to the shop assistant remember to get a recite as this is your proof of postage and acts as the insurance so please keep a hold of the recite.
For more details on this service click here

FREE Courier service (50 plus items)

Once you’ve clicked complete you’ll be taken to the page to arrange the courier.
Follow the onscreen instructions on where and when you would like your box(es) to be picked up which can include a safe place in/around your home.
Selected from the pull down menu the date you want the courier to come out. (the courier will call between 8am and 6pm on this date) Don’t worry if you’re not going to be home as you’re given the option to leave your box in a safe place and the courier will collect it from there.
Click complete and your welcome pack will be emailed to you.
You now need to print your welcome pack. If you can’t print it right that second don’t worry as you can print it any time from within your account. If you don’t have use of a print then you can still use our FREE Courier service just follow the instructions within the welcome pack.
Follow the personalized packing guide found within the welcome pack which will let you know how many boxes your items need to be in.
Once that’s done place your label(s) from the welcome pack on each box(es) if you require more than one label just follow the instructions in the welcome pack.
You’re now ready for the courier coming out on the day you have decided. Please make sure someone is home between the hours of 8am and 6pm to hand the box(es) over or if you have choice to leave it in a SAFE Place then make sure it’s there during those hours.
For more details on this service click here

Getting paid

Getting paid is extremely easy and very simple. We pay our customer via cheque.
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